S.E.D. s.r.l.

S.E.D. (Special Electronic Design) s.r.l. is an Italian SME with a consolidated know-how in high tech electronics design such as the development of Hardware using DSP with dedicated algorithms, Fpga and ASICs.

The company boasts in house advanced manufacturing capabilities on multilayer board on conventional and special substrates with particular reference to high speed transfer buses among processors. SED also operates as a Research Laboratory, named "Leonardo", authorised by the Italian Ministry of University and Research to act as Transfer Technology Centre oriented to research and applicable studies on the advanced technologies in order to increase the competitiveness of the Industries on the market. This acknowledgment was reached from SED thanks to the many research projects in collaboration with its customers. Some of these are:

  • SAS (Submergible Automation Station) for SNAM, ENI group
  • GIANO Project for SAIPEM, ENI group
  • SED also enjoys strong partnerships with the engineering departments of the main local universities and other R&D institutions.

The Design department of the company praises an experience of almost 35 years in hardware engineering and SED today is a well known, reliable and efficient partner for the development of ad hoc projects. With the acquisition of the competencies coming from more than twenty years of activities in the state of the art of microelectronics, former owned by Cesvit Microelettronica, SED capabilities have nowadays been extended to SoC,and ASIC Design, benefiting also of the experience gathered with the participation in many Defence and Space Projects, including the knowledge of IPs exploitation for civilian reuse. Several IPs have been designed by SED and its own experience in developing and implementing them in FPGA devices has been enhanced by Cesvit's experiences in the design and reuse of IPs for ASICs and SOCs in specific applications for the defence and space sectors.
Thanks to its participation at several large pan-European dissemination networks pertaining also to running EC Projects, SED relies on an extended network of contacts with European research centres, Business Support Organisations and institutions having similar missions and competencies as well as thousands of contacts with the local companies operating in different industrial sectors. The joint SED's and Cesvit's expertises and experiences in participating at R&D projects for EC, defence and space applications can thus provide a valuable contribution to the overall project as well to the dissemination of its outcomes.

The Company counts on a stable staff of skilled engineers, their experience ranging from a minimum of four years up to more than twenty years.
Some of SED's core business are:

  • Development of programmable gate array FPGA and CPLDs.
  • Development of microprocessor-based systems 8-16 and 32-bit CISC, RISC and DSP hardware and software design
  • Design of real-time software
  • Design dedicated firmware
  • Telemetry control and supervision of industrial machinery and remote plants
  • Design of equipment for control of motorized axes interpolated, and not Integrated engineering services.
  • Design and construction of machinery and / or special equipment

Company's participation in EU programmes:

  • ESPRIT/HPCN - MUPAAC (Multi Processor Architecture for Automatic Control)
  • EUTIST/IMV -VISICON (Vision System of Inspection for Control of clinched boards)
  • EUTIST - OPTAMS (Optimized All Monitor System)
  • ESPRIT - OFCOMP (Optical Flow for Counting Moving People)


The use and exploitation of new technologies in the defence Market, as observed during the past two decades, is not compatible with the acceleration that characterize the civilian market. This tendency will be overcome by the development of a new platform that is able to satisfy large and diversified field of applications. The SED strategy is concerned to increase the military market and enlarge the partnership with the principal Military Industries not only limited to the National borders.

SED, as specialist in IPs, MPW and FPGA based developments, gives its contribution to the foreseen military advanced applications on Radar Space Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) for airborne surveillance, multifunction and phased array systems, as for night vision systems, InfraRed Search and Track systems and data fusion.
Exploiting this capabilities, SED has the opportunity to give a strong technological contribution to the consortium with the development of a Digital Platform based on SoC technology with the opportunity to enlarge his potential market in the Defence sector.During the program SED will be mainly involved in the physical development of the platform both on the evaluation phase and the definitive development and evaluations of the SoC platform, with a very tight collaboration with all the partners.