Project Results

After defining the SUPCAM desired system performances, technical requirements and target specifications for the SUPCAM system design, the Consortium focused on the development of a precompetitive prototype of the medical endoscopic device.

The main results achieved within the SUPCAM project consist of:

  • prototype of the capsule with all the miniaturized subcomponents integrated within the capsule (i.e., frame, permanent magnet, image system, vision and control boards, illumination board, telemetry board,RFID, recharging coil, and battery);
  • development/implementation of the image acquisition and processing chain for the endoscopic wireless SUPCAM capsule;
  • locomotion system based on the internal permanent magnet and on an external electromagnetic system composed by a robotic manipulator used for supporting and manoeuvring an heavy and bulky electromagnetic source; it consists in a electromagnet with an integrated cooling system;
  • localization system is achieved by image-based and RFID feedback processing (scanning procedure for raw detection of the capsule position);
  • wireless recharging system to increase the lifecycle of the SUPCAM capsule in order to reduce the cost related to each endoscopic procedure.